Some examples include:
  • Any company using a “find the nearest location” software program.
  • Service Provider Locator: many websites allow searches for all types of service providers (electricians, plumbers).
  • Real estate companies use internal (intranet) city search applications for agents to refer buyers and sellers to other agents.
  • Associations (with members) use this software to find a service provider (member) based on location.
  • Medical providers enable searches to see which physicians are in a specific area.
  • Any Yellow Pages type service that allows a search by location.

It is important to note that this software can actually be used to generate revenue, and/or create a long-term revenue stream. This will be discussed further within this website.

Developing this software (from conception to implementation) can easily take over a year, and cost over $100,000. is a “Packaged Application” with an intelligent search engine, an intelligent display engine, and a full array of features and functionality that is available at a relatively low cost.

This Packaged Application can be customized (relatively) easily and quickly to meet the needs of your specific use.

They are many payment options available, including interest free payment plans, with minimum up-front costs.

Zip Code Search versus City Search

City Search software programs have been in existence for decades, originally known as a “store locator” application. But over time, using cities for the search criteria became more prevalent than using zip codes.

There are several reasons why it is better to use cities as the search criteria. The main reason is that people always know the name of the city, but often don’t know the zip code.

Another reason is that it is much easier to develop software using cities as the selection method versus zip codes because many cities have multiple zip codes, some with up to 10 zip codes. Using zip codes to assign a location is much more labor (programming) intensive.

If the software program has the capability for an expanded area search, the additional programming needed for zip codes increases exponentially.

Features and Functionality

Intelligent Search Engine
The search engine is intelligent, and can search based on multiple criteria that include:
  • City
  • Radius (complex search criteria)
  • Type of service provided (Tax Preparer)
  • Special credentials (Certified Public Accountant/CPA)
  • Area of specialization (Corporate Tax Law)
  • Language Spoken (Spanish, Mandarin)
  • Any other listed criteria (experience, 5+ Years)
Intelligent Display Option

Once the software determines which profiles to display, the software has the capability to display premium service providers in top positions. This varies by city, so a premium service provider in city A, can be a set up as a basic service provider in adjacent city B. The software always displays service providers in City A first, followed by other service providers in the surrounding cities.

City Search

Select a state and city (county if you know it) and your list of service providers will appear.

Radius Search

The software has an intelligent search engine that can expand the search to surrounding cities, and display service providers based on the searched city (first), followed by cities closest to the searched city, followed by cities further away. This is useful when you don’t have a service provider in every city, or if you prefer to display a higher number of service providers for each search.

Service Provider Categories

This feature enables searches based on multiple types of information:

There could be different types of Service Providers:

    • Electrician
    • Plumber

There could also be different attributes per service provider:

  • Real Estate Agent – Probate Sales
  • Real Estate Agent – Bank Owned Properties
  • Real Estate Agent – Spanish Speaking
  • Real Estate Agent – 5+ years experience
Yellow Pages Type Functionality

The software was actually developed to support unlimited types of service providers. If your company supports a wide range of service providers, you can set up as many categories as needed, with all the same features and functionality.


The software was developed to allow service providers to select from a list of services that they offer. This would be applicable to most industries.

Tax Preparers could indicate if they specialize in corporate tax law.

Contractors could indicate if they specialize in kitchen remodels.

Real estate agents could indicate if they do probate or land sales.

You can have a group of services that each service provider can select from, so that website visitors can search for members that have specific experience in a searched category.


Many people use English as a second language, and in some cases, are not fluent in English. This section was developed to allow service providers to select each language that they speak.

Higher Visibility

One of the many features of the software allows you to determine the order in which the service providers will be seen. This offers the ability to have some members pay a premium to be viewed in top, second or third position.

This feature is customizable for each city, so you can have different service providers appear in top position, based on each selected city.


The Home Page was developed to allow advertising at both a local and national level. This feature can be used to promote your company, or to advertise special products and services. It can also be used to generate income for your company by allowing other companies to advertise on your website.

Local Advertising

The software was developed to detect (when possible) the location (city and state) of the visitor. By knowing the location of the visitor (example: San Francisco, CA) the software program can display an advertisement purchased for that specific area.

Local Advertising can be used to:

  1. Roll out new products and services on a limited trial basis.
  2. Offer specific products and services to specific areas.
  3. Offer special discounts and promotions in areas to stimulate sales.
  4. Create a revenue stream, by selling local advertising to other companies.
Scalability and Reliability

The software program currently resides on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform in the “cloud”, allowing for virtually unlimited scalability and reliability.


This packaged application can be customized to provide (virtually) any feature and/or functionality needed.

Creating a Revenue Stream

Companies can actually create a revenue stream using this software.

This can be accomplished in various ways.

Franchises: if your company sells franchises, you can charge the franchises a monthly fee to be part of the city search program. The cost to each Franchise will be (relatively) small, but this creates a revenue stream for the corporate location.

Associations: if you are an association for a group of service providers (like tax preparers), you can offer a service to list all members of the group for a nominal monthly or annual charge.

Unions: if you represent a group of workers (electricians) you can offer this search capability to your members, again at a nominal fee.

Independent Contractors: if you provide services to independent contractors (like Real Estate Agents), you can offer this as a value added service with minimal costs.

These are just a few examples, but it demonstrates how this software can be used to generate revenue versus being an expense.


Many companies view the development of a city search software program as a highly time consuming and expensive project.

If needed or desired, a resource can be provided (as needed) short term to assist on your project.

Most companies selling this type of software need to maintain a large sales force, with a large advertising budget, and staff for technical support, order processing and billing; and those expenses get added into the cost of their software.

But you don’t have to spend a high price to get a feature rich city search software program.

I worked for a software company for several years and paid to have a city search software program developed for a specific opportunity. Once you pay to have the software program developed, there are no further costs, unless you are paying people to sell your software.

This software has a long list of features and functionality that you can pick and choose from, and it was developed in a way to easily add new features.

Maintenance and upgrades are outsourced to the company that developed the software. This minimizes expenses which keep the price of the software at a minimum.

No interest payment plans are available. A payment plan can probably be structured that meets your goals and objectives, as well as your budget constraints.

Right to Use/Ownership Options: the options below will affect the price.

Right to use: this would be the least expensive option, with the most options for payment. You have a limited or unlimited exclusive right to use the software as defined in the agreement.

Full Ownership (no source code): this option allows you to purchase the software to use as you like, with certain limitations. All changes would be handled by the company that currently maintains the software.

Full Ownership (with source code): this option allows you to purchase the software to use as you like, with certain limitations. Having the source code allows you to use your own software developers to customize the software as needed.

Resellers: this would be of interest to companies looking to resell this type of software.

Joint Venture: this would be for a start-up company looking to minimize cost, with profit sharing.

To get an estimated price, please contact me.

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